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1: “What’s Next?” an interview with Philip Kotler – the Father of Modern Marketing.

Professor Kotler answers the following questions:

  • With over 50 year of experience in the field, what do you see as the biggest challenges for marketers today?
  • How is marketing automation and Big Data changing marketing? What are the new competencies that companies must master? What does the future hold for the CMO?
  • How do sales and marketing work together in the digital age? Is alignment easier or more of a challenge?
  • What are companies doing differently to innovate? Are there some marketing innovations that you feel could change the way the industry works?
  • What about CSR? Do you see companies focusing on sustainability and ethics as a business strength? As someone who coined the phrase “social marketing,” how do you see companies responding?
  • What message do you have for emerging markets like China and India?
  • Your latest book – “Confronting Capitalism” – was quite a shift from the more traditional fare we’ve been accustomed to as marketers. What made you write that book?
  • What’s the next book about? What else are you working on?

2The Executive Guide to Marketing Effectiveness by Philip Kotler


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