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The Marketing Journal is an online resource bringing together business executives, marketing thought-leaders, professionals, and practitioners, to:

  • Learn about next practices in marketing and branding
  • Interview thought-leaders, executives and CMOs on the future of marketing
  • Examine and understand the specific factors that contribute to improving the effectiveness of marketing strategy and execution
  • Develop recommendations for creating and sustaining an innovative marketing discipline within your organization
  • Foster discussion of lessons learned
  • Analyze and comment on industry-shaping news
  • Create a framework for measuring new marketing performance criteria
  • Nurture a worldwide community of marketing professionals

Thought-leaders include:

  • Philip Kotler (advisor)
  • John Hagel III
  • John Seely Brown
  • Tom Davenport
  • Orly Zeewy
  • Jamshed Dubash
  • Anthony Ulwick
  • Javed Matin
  • Christian Sarkar (editor)

and more.

If you are interested in submitting an article or a book for review, contact editor [at] marketingjournal.org.